Henkirou is a project that started some years ago as a simple timekiller among my friends and it has been turning step by step into a new, solid and surprising game.
The development of the project has fallen back onto my shoulders most of the time, but is thanks to the support of my family and friends during these last years, that the project has reached a level of maturity good enough to begin promoting it with pride.
That is why we decided to make this web to announce Henkirou.
The game is already tested and polished, perfectly playable and autonomous, with its rules and components... and it is even ready to be purchased through the GAMECRAFTER american web: 
Buy a copy of Henkirou or this poor fairy is not going to see again the nenuphars illuminated by the sunset...


Curiosities of the warrior...

The appearance of the Henkirou cards have suffered a process of change throughout the years:






Buy a copy of Henkirou or this scabious zombie is not going to be able to enjoy the livers of his poor victims again...

How to Play Henkirou


My name is David Mur and I have always been surrounded by games.
I understand games as an activity that teaches you how to live, in the better way possible: by having fun.
Video games, board games, card games, rol... the format has never meant a lot to me, the important part has always been the content...
Since I was a kid I have always felt the need to devise games with what I had at reach and play them with my brothers and friends: chess boards, cushions, wooden pieces, marbles, papers, etc.
On the other hand I have always felt fascinated by the art in the good games, representations of fantastic characters and worlds that suggest and inspire something way bigger than the image itself, making your imagination fly.
Henkirou is the result of all that, where two of my great passions meet: fantasy art and game design.
Thanks a lot for your attention... I hope you enjoy Henkirou!
David Mur


Today Cardus Games is just an association of family and friends that meet together to play games of all sorts, and that have the hope to be able to produce one day, our own games, starting with Henkirou, our first proposal.


David Mur: Designer and Illustrator.

Ana Rios: Testing.

Axel Mur: Audio and testing.

Pedro Vico: Producer and fx artist.

Madelyn Medeiros: Producer and language assistant.

Ruben Mur: Producer.

Erik Mur: Testing.

Ruben Santos : Testing.

Veronica Barrio: Testing.






Ruben Santos : Testeo.