In this section you will find information about alternative game modes, game tactics, advices and much more, to make the most of your Henkirou game!
If you just acquired a copy of Henkirou, you may be interested in the following video as a first contact with the game mechanics:

Alternative Game Modes


"Reduced/Increased Hand"

The standard number of cards dealt to each player at the beginning of the game is 12, but this number can be modified without any problem. From a minimum recommended of 6, up to a maximum recommended of 18.

A hand of 6 cards allows simple, fast and imprevisible games (and is adequate for novice players). A hand of 18 cards allows complex, reflexive and strategic games (and is adequate for experienced players).


"The Eternal 2"

Game mode that consists in imagining the die has only twos printed in its 4 faces... This way the result at rolling the die will always be 2...

With this game mode the luck factor is reduced considerably and is where the true Henkirou players make the difference...


"Celestial Symbols" (shortly...)